GNOME Outreachy 2022

GNOME Translation Editor, Road to Gtk4

It's time to move to Gtk4. That could be an easy task for new project or for small projects without a lot of custom widgets, but gtranslator is old and the migration will require some time.

Some time ago I did the Gtk2 to Gtk3 migration. It was fun and during the journey we redesigned a bit the interface, but the internals didn't change a lot. Now we can do the same, migrate to Gtk4 and also update the User Interface.

Thankfully, I'm not alone this time, the GNOME community is there to help. A couple of months ago, Maximiliano started a series of commits to prepare the project to the Gtk4 migration, and today starts the Outreachy program and we've a great intern to work in this. Afshan Ahmed Khan will be working during this summer in the GNOME Translation Editor migration to Gtk4.


The Outreachy program provides internship to work in Free and Open Source Software. This year I've proposed the "Migrate GNOME Translation Editor to Gtk4" project and we had a lot of applicants. We had some great contributions during the application phase, and at the end Afshan was selected.

We've now an initial intern blog post and he is working now in the first step, trying to build the project with Gtk4. It's not a simple task, because gtranslator uses a lot of inheritance and there's a lot of widgets in the project.

User Interface redesign?

Once we've the project working with Gtk4 and libadwaita we can start to think about user interface improvements, and all the collaboration here is welcome, so if some designer or translator want to help, don't hesitate to take a look to the current interface and propose some ideas in the corresponding task

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