Timetrack app for GNOME

This week I started a new small project called Timetrack, you can find the code in the gnome gitlab.

This is a simple app to store an activity log in a sqlite database and to provide useful reports in the future. The main idea is to use this for may day to day work, so I'll be able to keep track of my working hours and other activities.

The need

There's a lot of timetrack applications. There are good web apps and also some desktop applications. At first, I tried to find a gnome-shell plugin, but I didn't find any extension that is good for me.

I've had a custom simple web app to track my time.

I've been using this app for a long time, but I don't like to use web apps for simple tasks so I want something local.

So I tried with some gtk desktop applications, but none of the applications that I've found looks good to me.

I wanted a simple timetrack app, without any complex stuff, so I thought that it won't be hard to implement it. So I started with a simple python app based on the code of Password Safe.

So I started to code and in two days I had a simple application that works. The applications is now on flathub so it's available for use.

The functionality

Right now, Timetrack has a limited set of features, but I think I'll improve the app with new features as soon as I need something. So, the current version can:

  • Track activity time with a simple button, showing the activity time spent
  • List last activities
  • Edit / Delete activities
  • Simple report by day, week or month
  • Report navigation using a calendar

I've plans to add more functionalities in the near future, like:

  • Report export to plain text and csv
  • Comments for activities
  • Tags for activities
  • Detailed reports
  • Activity Graphs

All of this is stored in a sqlite database, if you install the app using flatpak you can find the database in this path: ~/.var/app/net.danigm.timetrack/data/timetrack.sqlite3.

I've done the icon for this app using the gnome-clocks icon and adding some colors to it.

If you find this app useful, don't hesitate and use it. Any feature request or bug report is welcome. And of course, all is free software, so if you want to collaborate, go ahead and send me some Merge Request.

Comments !