rpmlint: Google Summer of Code 2024

I'm glad to say that I'll participate again in the GSoC, as mentor. This year we will continue the work done during the past year, as part of the openSUSE project.

So this summer I'll be mentoring an intern and we'll continue working on improving the testing framework of the rpmlint project.

This year we've a better testing framework, thanks to the work done during the past Summer of Code, by Afrid. So the goal for this year is to try to modernize existing tests and remove as much files as possible from test/binary directory, replacing those with mock packages defined with python code.

The selected intern is Luz Marina Montilla Marín. She has done some initial work in the rpmlint project, creating the mock packages for some tests and we've just started with the work to do during the GSoC program, evaluating the tests that we've right now and planning were to start.

She studies at Córdoba, Spain, my hometown. Every year I try to reach young people at different local universities, here in Andalucía, and sometimes I'm able to convince some students to participate, like the GSoC 2020, when Alejandro Dominguez, from Seville, were working on Fractal. So I'm happy that I'm increasing the number of free software developers in my local community :D

I'm sure that she will be able to achieve great things during these three months, so I'm looking forward to start to code and see how far can we go.

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