Fractal: Google Summer of Code 2020

I'm glad to say that I'll participate again in the GSoC, as mentor. This summer we'll try to implement multi-account support in Fractal.

The selected student is Alejandro Dominguez (aledomu), that is collaborating with Fractal since the Seville Hackfest in December 2018, doing a great work in the backend. Alejandro is young developer with a lot of energy and ideas, so it's great to have this kind of people working on GNOME.

I've not spend much time lately developing Fractal, the time and energy is limited, but I'll try to use this GSoC mentorship to go back to the active Fractal development. My objective during this summer will be to stabilize, fix bugs and improve the performance and create a new release at the end of the GSoC, because we've a lot of new functionality in master, but I didn't spend the time to do the release.

The google summer of code is a great opportunity for free software, it give us a full time working student, during three months, working on free software, so it's really appreciated in a community where a lot of work is volunteer work.

There are a total of 14 projects selected for this GSoC round for gnome, you can take a look to the full list in the GSoC page.

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