GNOME Translation Editor 3.30.0

I'm pleased to announce the new GNOME Translation Editor Release. This is the new release of the well known Gtranslator. I talked about the Gtranslator Ressurection some time ago and this is the result:

This new release isn't yet in flathub, but I'm working on it so we'll have a flatpak version really soon. Meantime you can test using the gnome nightly flatpak repo.

New release 3.30.0

This release doesn't add new functionality. The main change is in the code, and in the interface.

We've removed the toolbar and move the main useful buttons to the headerbar. We've also removed the statusbar and replaced it with a new widget that shows the document translation progress.

The plugin system and the dockable window system has been removed to simplify the code and make the project more maintenable. The only plugin that is maintained for now is the translation memory, that's now integrated. I'm planning to migrate other useful plugins, but that's for the future.

Other minor changes that we've made are in the message table, we've removed some columns and now we only show two, the original message and the translated one and we use colors and text styles to show fuzzy status and untranslated.

The main work is a full code modernization, now we use meson to build, we've flatpak integration and this simplify the development because gtranslator know works by default in Gnome Builder without the need to install development dependencies.

There's others minor changes like the new look when you open the app without any file:

Or the new language selector that autofill all the profile fields using the language:

And for sure we've tried to fix most important bugs:

New name and new Icon

Following the modern GNOME app names, we've renamed the app from Gtranslator to GNOME Translation Editor. Internally we'll continue with the gtranslator name, so the app is gtranslator, but for the final user the name will be Translation Editor.

And following the App Icon Redesign Initiative we've a new icon that follows the new HIG.


I'm not doing this alone. I became the gtranslator maintainer because Daniel Mustieles push to have a modern tool for GNOME translators, done with gnome technology and fully functional.

The GNOME Translation Editor is a project done by the GNOME community, there are other people helping with code, documentation, testing, design ideas and much more and any help is always welcome. If you're insterested, don't hesitate and come to the gnome gitlab and collaborate with this great project.

And maybe it's a bit late, but I've publish a project to the, so maybe someone can work on this as an intern for three months. I'll try to get more people involved here using following outreachy and maybe GSoC, so if you're a student, now is the right time to start contributing to be able to be selected for the next year internship programs.

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