SUSE is my new distribution (new job)

This week I've started to work at SUSE. I'll be working as Python Specialist, in the packaging team, so I will go back to work on packaging and distribution after more than ten years. My first job in 2008 was working on a Ubuntu based local distribution, Guadalinex, so packaging and distribution work is not something new for me.


Python was the first language that I fell in love. I learned to write code with C and C++, but when I discovered Python, in 2006, I found a really nice language to be able to create amazing things really fast and with a great community behind.

I'm very happy for this new opportunity to be able to collaborate to the Python distribution in all the SUSE flavours, and also to be able to collaborate in the creation of one of the most famous and used Linux distributions.


As part of this job change I've also installed SUSE Tumbleweed for the first time. Tumbleweed is a rolling release distribution with the latests packages. In the past I was using other rolling releases distributions like Arch, but this one looks more user friendly.

I've not spent a lot of time here, but from the point of view of a GNOME developer, I can say that it's a great distribution for development with updated packages, and it looks "stable". You can choose the desktop to use on installation and the GNOME desktop is there without any customization that I've detected, so it looks like it's a good vanilla GNOME desktop distribution.

Endless, it's not the end

I'm not working for EndlessOS now, but it's not the end. I've been working here for almost 4 years. At first I worked on the Hack Computer and after that project didn't work, I was working on the Endless Key.

During this time I've also collaborated a bit with the EndlessOS distribution, and I can say that's a really nice distribution to use, the ostree usage for the whole filesystem is a great idea, and the amount of content that comes with the installation is really good.

The EndlessOS Foundation Goal is to reduce the digital divide, providing content and tools for offline people, centered on kids. This is a great mission and in the future, if I find the opportunity to help my local community, I'll try to use the EndlessOS tools and content to provide good learning content for kids without online access.

I was very happy these years at Endless, and I've learned a lot from different great people. It's incredible the number of talented software engineers that are related to Endless, and for me it was a real privilege to be able to share this space and mission for a few years.

The future!

So there we go, I'm exited for this change, and also sad about leaving a great project, but life is change and we should go ahead and think about the future! And my future is green now.

And if you don't know how to pronounce it, here you've a music video:

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