rpmlint: Google Summer of Code 2023

I'm glad to say that I'll participate again in the GSoC, as mentor. This year will be a bit different from the previous ones, because I'm not mentoring a GNOME project but a openSUSE project.

I started to work at SUSE the past year and with this new job I get involved in the openSUSE community and I started to contribute to rpmlint.

So this summer I'll be mentoring an intern and we'll work on improving the testing framework of the rpmlint project.

The rpmlint project is a command line tool to check rpm packages, the correctness of these kind of packages and warn the packagers about usual problems or good practices. It's widely used in all Linux distributions based on rpm, mainly SUSE and RedHat.

It is written in Python and uses pytest for testing the code. Right now there are a lot of .rpm binary packages, to check different functionality, but that way of testing makes a bit hard to write new tests and to maintain with changes. The idea of this GSoC project is to extend the testing framework of rpmlint to support an easy way of writting tests that doesn't require a real rpm, something that can mock what it's in the .rpm binary and try to replace some of the current binary tests with this new mock.

The selected intern is Afrid Hussain. He has done some initial work in the rpmlint project, solving some minor issues and we're now preparing the work to be done during the GSoC program. I'm sure that he will be able to achieve great things during these three months, so I'm looking forward to start to code and see how far can we go.

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