Berlin Mini GUADEC 2022

The GUADEC is back!

This year, the famous GNOME developers meeting event, the GUADEC, gets back to "normal" after the last year global COVID-19 situation. And when I say normal, I'm talking about people meeting in one place to share knowledge and to build a great community around this great software project.

This year the even was in Guadalajara, Mexico, and that's great, but a bit far to go from Spain... But thankfully, some of GNOME folks who can't go to Mexico organized a parallel event to attend remotely in Berlin, Europe, that's the Berlin Mini GUADEC.

I decided to join this people, because there's a direct flight from Málaga, so it was not a very long travel for me. This was my first big trip after COVID, and I was a bit afraid, but besides the heat wave, everything was great.

My talk

The GUADEC event allows a remote attendance and also remote participation, so I proposed a talk that I finally did from Berlin thanks to the c-base people that build a great setup to give the talk to the local people at the same time that it was streamed to the main event in Mexico.

As you may know, I started to do live coding streaming this year, and there are also other GNOME Developers doing that, so I wanted to talk about this new way of sharing and build community, and that was my talk about.

You can watch my full talk in Youtube:


It's not all party and fun in this event, there's also time to work. We take advantage of this event and some of the Endless people take the opportunity to meet together.

We're fully remote and I started to work at Endless in 2019. We had the opportunity to meet one time in London, but after that, this is the second time we had the opportunity to share some time together and it was great. Besides the day to day work, that can be done in remote completely, it's always nice to have the opportunity to share some time with coworkers to meet the real person.


My travel was sponsored by the GNOME Foundation, and thanks to the EndlessOS Foundation, to give me the opportunity to be part of this great community.

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