The end of 2022

Is the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, so it's the right time to look back and see what great things happened during the year, and also it's the time to plan some new year resolutions.

My contribution to GNOME in 2022

I've been focused this year on the GNOME Translation Editor, migrating it to Gtk4. It's not ready yet, but I hope I will be able to have a working version soon™.

It started this summer with one intern from Outreachy, that did some initial work, building with the new Gtk4, and after the summer I started to clean the code and fixing issues, and lately, I'm trying to replace some deprecations for the next Gtk release.

so I'm working on the code, modernizing it, and replacing every usage of GtkDialog and GtkTreeView, and trying to follow the GNOME HIG as much as possible.

Live coding Streaming

I started the year spending a lot of time working on Gtk on live stream on Twitch, but after the summer I was spending less time... I didn't find the time or the energy to do it regularly.

Changes in the business

This year was also a year of changes in my work life. After the summer I left Endless, after three years of working there, to join SUSE.

I really enjoy my time at EndlessOS, the first years working on the Hack Computer and the last year working on the Endless Key. I really like the EndlessOS mission and what I was doing there, with a lot of great people.

But I was looking for something more in my career path, and I had the opportunity to join SUSE. Since September, I'm part of the Python packaging team at SUSE and I've to say that I really love this job. It's a bit different from what I have been doing before, but the maintainer life is something that I enjoy, having the opportunity to contribute to a lot of different projects and debugging and fixing random bugs is one of the most rewarding tasks to do (when you are able to find the problem).

Tumbleweed is now my favourite GNU/Linux distribution and the future of SUSE ALP looks really promising.

Changes in life

This year comes also with a lot of changes in my personal life too! At the beginning of the year I was able to bought a house, so I've now a permanent residency, after a lot of years of changing from one rent house to another one.

And this year was also the year that I was able to get the kickboxing black belt, after almost 8 years of practicing. This is the end of a learning path, and also the beginning of a different one, trying to master this fighting sport.

New year resolutions

2022 was great, but we can make 2023 even better, I'm looking always to learn and improve, so it's good to do some new year resolutions to try to complete during the next year.

  • Complete the Gtranslator migration to gtk4 and GNOME HIG improvements!
  • Be more regular with the live coding streams
  • Give some love to the PyGObject project
  • Do more serious kickboxing training and loose 10Kg
  • Play more chess games

That's all! Happy new year and Have a lot of fun...

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