GNOME Outreachy 2019

The Outreachy Program

The Outreachy program provides internship to work in Free and Open Source Software. This year I've proposed two projects as part of the GNOME project and we've two interns working for three months, so we'll have a lot of improvements in the following months!

I'll be mentoring these interns, so I will need to spend some time helping them to work on the existing codebase, but it worth it, if this makes more people to collaborate in free software development and if this help us to improve some useful apps.

These two projects are Fractal and the GNOME translation editor. You can take a look to the list of outreachy interns.


Fractal is a gtk client, and I've proposed for this year program to implement a video player in the message list. We've a preview for images, for audio files but nothing for video files.

Sonja Heinze is the one that will be working on this during the next three months. She has been working during the past month in some small issues in Fractal so I'm really sure that she will be able to do great contributions to the project.

Jordan Petridis (alatiera) will be helping in this project as a co-mentor, I don't know a lot about gstreamer, so he'll be really helpful here with the gstreamer and rust.

GNOME translation editor (Gtranslator)

GNOME translation editor (gtranslator) is a simple .po editor. I've proposed to Rework the search and replace dialog. We've right now a simple find/replace modal dialog and I want to modernize the interface to integrate better in the window as a popover.

Priyanka Saggu is the one that will be working on this during the next three months. She has been working on gtranslator during the past month and she has done great contributions and improvements during this time.

Daniel Mustieles is the other co-mentor for this project. He's an experienced GNOME translator so he will help us a lot with the app user experience design and testing.

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