End of GNOME Outreachy 2019

The Outreachy Program

The outreachy program ended the past week and we've done great improvements during this four months of work. I'm very happy with the result and with the work of the two interns and also the GNOME co-mentors that make this possible.

If we're lucky the interns will continue contributing in the future and we can see the GNOME comunity growing in developers and diversity 🎉.

GNOME translation editor (Gtranslator)

Priyanka Saggu has been working on the new gtranslator search bar. It's a replacement for the old search dialog with a new and modern search bar, inspired in the gnome-builder search.

This is how it looks in the current gtranslator version and the video is from gtranslator master, that I'll try to release as 3.36.0 this weekend.

I want to thank to the other co-mentor of this project, Daniel Mustieles, who has been testing and reviewing this new functionality.


Sonja Heinze has been working on the video player for Fractal, so now we can see videos inside the fractal message history instead of open it with an external video player.

This is now in master and will appear in the next release, that I'll try to publish soon, maybe during this month. I want to fix some performance issues first.

Jordan Petridis (alatiera) has done a great work as co-mentor, guiding the project and helping with the gstreamer.

I've not presented any project proposal for the next outreachy, I want to take a break and rest a bit before the Google Summer of Code, when I'll try to get the multi-account support implemented in Fractal.

This programs give me a bit of work, reviewing and guiding the intern, but it's really great to have paid people working on free software, so I'm very happy to be able to be a mentor in GNOME to help to boost some free software projects using these resources.

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