LAS 2019, Barcelona

The event

The Linux App Summit (LAS) is a great event that bring together a lot of linux application developers, from the bigger communities, it's organized by GNOME and KDE in collaboration and it's a good place to talk about the Linux desktop, application distribution and development.

This year the event was organized in Barcelona, this is not too far from my home town, Málaga, so I want to be there.

I sent a talk proposal and was accepted, so I was talking about distributing services with flatpak and problems related to service deployment in a flatpaked world.

Clicking in this image you can find my talk in the event streaming. The sound is not too good and my accent doesn't help, but there it is :D

The event was a really great event, with really good talks, about different topics, we've some technical talks, some talks about design, talks about language, about distribution, about the market and economics, and at least two about "removing" the system tray 😋

It was really interesting the talk about the "future" inclusion of payments in flathub because I think that this will give a new incentive to people to write and publish apps in flathub and could be a great step to get donations for developers.

Another talk that I liked was the one about the maintenance of flatpak repositories, it's always interesting to know how the things works and this talk give an easy introduction to ostree, flatpak, repositories and application distribution.

Besides the talks, this event is really interesting for the people that bring together. I've been talking with a lot of people, not too much, because I'm a shy person, but I've the opportunity to talk a bit with some Fractal developers, and during a coffee talk with Jordan Petridis, we've time to share some ideas about a cool new functionality that maybe we can implement in the near future, thanks to the outreachy program and maybe some help from the gstreamer people.

I'm also very happy to be able to spend some time talking with Martín Abente, about sugar labs, the hack computer and the different ways to teach kids with free software. Martín is a really nice person and I liked a lot to meet him and share some thoughts.

The city

This is not my first time in Barcelona, I was here at the beginning of this year, but this is a great city and I've no time to visit all the places the first time.

So I've spent the Thursday afternoon doing some tourism, visiting the "Sagrada Familia" and the "Montjuïc" fountain.

If you have not been in Barcelona and you have the opportunity to come here, don't hesitate, it's a really good city, with a great architecture to admire and really nice culture and people, and here you can find good food to enjoy.

Thank you all

I was sponsored by the GNOME Foundation, I'm really thankful for this opportunity, to come here, give a talk and share some time with great people that makes the awesome Linux and open source community possible.

I want to thank to my employer Endless because it's really a privilege to have a job that allows this kind of interactions with the community, and my team Hack, because they I've missed some meetings this week and I was not very responsive during the week.

And I want to thank to the LAS organization, because this was a really good event, good job, you can be very proud.

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