About me

linux, vim, git, python, django, C, C++, Gtk, Qt, Rust

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  • Has a degree in Software Engineering from the Seville University. After studied first and second year in Granada University.

  • Native spanish

  • English: middle level. Title: Limerick Language Centre, three weeks intensive course in ireland.


  • Founder of wadobo company, and working here as developer. (2011)

  • Working in yaco for a year, developing django web applications. (2010)

  • Working along six months as developer in emacmas. (2009)

  • Eight months working in Emergya in the linux distribution area. Developing different linux desktop applications for guadalinex, linexsp and guadalinfo. (2008)

  • A year working as scholar in the Seville University computer and communication service working on mail and identity management. (2007)

  • Working for two months in Vector Software Factory, as scholar programming with java. (2006)

Other activities


  • My developments in github.

  • Development of a library to read EPUB documents, written in rust, epub-rs.

  • Development of a library to read EPUB documents, written in C using gobject, libgepub.

  • Development of an open source barter platform written with python and django, etruekko.

  • Development of a web open source alternative monetary system management application, it was written with python and django, timebank.

  • Occasional collaboration in the GNOME document reader Evince.

  • TBO development, a GNOME comic editor written in C with GTK+ and cairolibs.

  • Finalist in the third edition of open source university contest and first prize winner in local edition of Seville University with GECO project, a password manager that includes technologies as web services, cryptography, web and desktop applications.

  • Development of a web open source microblogging application, it was written with python, sweetter.

  • Car game development, pixcar with net multi-player support. And develop of a real time strategy game pixwar in python with pygame.

  • First open source university contest participant, with the project konqueror con esteroides winning an honourable mention.

  • End-of-studies project ssh over identity federation, it's a openssh server patch to allow federated access: fedssh.



  • Active collaboration in SUGUS open source association of the Seville University, giving a lot of workshops about different technologies.

  • XML Seminar given for administrative and service personal of Seville University.